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Katy Perry Cleavage during Concert


Katy Perry flashing some huge cleavage while performing at a concert!

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Katy Perry Bikini Ass Flash

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s bikini bottoms fall down at Raging Water in San Dimas, giving the crowd a great view of her ass! It’s way bigger than I imagined for some reason.

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Katy Perry Cleavage and Upskirt


Katy Perry gave photographers a double dose of both cleavage and upskirt during a photocall in Rio, Brazil!

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Katy Perry Bikini Candids


Candids of Katy Perry looking great in a bikini!

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Katy Perry Bikini Candids


Sexy candids of Katy Perry wearing a bikini in Miami!

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Katy Perry Cleavage Candids


Looks like Katy Perry has something in her cleavage in these candids.. what could it be? I don’t know.. I’m too busy staring at her cleavage.

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Katy Perry Wardrobe Malfunction Illusion


Not really a malfunction but Katy Perry’s strategically placed crystals give the illusion of nipples and a bush while performing at the Much Music Video Awards! At least that’s how I see it, Peeperz are claiming its a full blown malfunction which I don’t get.

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Katy Perry Ass Hint in London


Katy Perry wore a super short skirt while out in the night in London! Nice lil’ hint of ass!

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Katy Perry is America


Here’s Katy Perry dressed up as an American flag. That’s all.

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Katy Perry the Dominatrix?


Katy Perry dressed up in a kinky leather outfit for a new photo shoot and all I can say is… yum!

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Katy Perry in a Sports Bra


Here’s Katy Perry wearing a sports bra while shooting a commercial or something for Adidas! She doesn’t look as busty as I thought she would but still pretty hot.

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Katy Perry Salutes the Troops


Katy Perry salutes the troops with a kiss and her panties during a performance at the Naval Academy! I’m sure it was appreciated.

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Katy Perry goes Green


Katy Perry went for the green look at The Kid’s Choice Awards! Good look? Judge for yourself!

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GIF of Katy Perry and a Chimp


Nothing to see here, this is just a GIF of Katy Perry showing massive cleavage while holding a Chimp!

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Katy Perry did a Tattoo

Katy Perry

Here are some pics of Katy Perry tattooing a guy’s leg. Sexy?

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Katy Perry and Bar Refaeli Panty Upskirt at the MTV European Music Awards


Nice! Both Katy Perry and Bar Refaeli flashed some panty during the MTV European Music Awards! Who had the nicest panties.. click and find out!

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Katy Perry Maxim Outtakes

Katy Perry

Outtakes of Katy Perry looking sexy in a new photo shoot for Maxim magazine! I like sexy Katy Perry pics.

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Katy Perry Flash Panties at Smurfs Premiere

Katy Perry

Katy Perry got all smurfilicous while flashing her panties at the Smurfs premiere! That’s a nice touch for a kids movie.

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Katy Perry for Rolling Stone Video

Katy Perry

Sexy video clip of Katy Perry posing for Rolling Stone magazine!

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Katy Perry Sexy Pics Collection

Katy Perry

Collection with 70 sexy pictures of Katy Perry. Lots of cleavage!

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Katy Perry Ass Grab

Katy Perry Ass Grab

Here’s Russell Brand grabbing Katy Perry’s ass at the premiere of Arthur in London! Can’t blame him, I’d like to get my hands on her curvaceous body as well!

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Katy Perry Panty Upskirt

Katy Perry Panty Upskirt

Here is a nice Katy Perry upskirt while she was doing some promotion in Mexico. A flash down south… down south!

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Katy Perry in Maxim Magazine

Katy Perry in Maxim

I guess appearing in Loaded wasn’t enough for Katy Perry so she appears in Maxim as well! More the merrier I suppose.

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Katy Perry Kinky in Loaded Magazine

Katy Perry in Loaded

Katy Perry put on some kinky latex lingerie for Loaded magazine! I’d like to tie her up in a dungeon somewhere..

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Katy Perry Cleavage with The Simpsons

Katy Perry Cleavage

Here’s Katy Perry looking cleavilicious as always while doing a photo shoot with Simpsons characters.

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Katy Perry Animated GIF

Katy Perry GIF

Here is a sweet GIF of Katy Perry.. not sure what she is doing so I will just let your imagination take over..

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Katy Perry’s Cleavage in Germany

Katy Perry Cleavage

Katy Perry did a performance in Germany and wherever Katy Perry goes her big boobs go with her and wherever her big boobs go cleavage follows..

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Half a Katy Perry Upskirt

The wind took whole of Katy Perry’s skirt which gives us these almost upskirt photos. I like wind, unless I’m in it. Click to view the pictures

Katy Perry See Through Nipple

I saw these pics of Katy Perry at the Video Music Awards a few days ago but didn’t notice anything. One of my many sources discovered that she actually slipped a little big of see through nipple in the pic below!! It’s her right tit that exposed the nip slightly and I just have to say that I love the fact that nothing escapes the internet.

Katy Perry Cleavage for the Gays

Katy Perry gave a special surprise performance at a gay nightclub in New York the other night. Makes perfect sense for her to show plenty of cleavage for all the gays.. maybe there were lesbians in the audience too? Click to view the pictures