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Stars on nipples are for the weak


Nicki Minaj was Money on Jimmy Fallon!

Nicki Minaj wore a sexy money outfit while performing on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! Love that cleavage, hate the song.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal Topless and Sucking Penis on The Deuce!

Maggie Gyllenhaal stars on HBO’s latest show The Deuce which is about the porn industry. The first two episodes have given us a topless scene and a blowjob scene with Maggie so without having scene the show.. I’m a fan!

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Game of Thrones Boobs Loop!

Hot loop of a select topless scenes from Game of Thrones! Hard to explain what this is, you just have to watch it and get hypnotized.

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Interesting Moment in a Spanish TV Show!

Lorena de Souza is a Spanish celeb who appeared on some TV show when the host decided to pull down her top and grab her tits. WTF!?

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Selena Gomez did a Shoot with InStyle!

Behind the scenes photos and a video of Selena Gomez doing a photo shoot with InStyle magazine!

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Agent Provocateur’s New Commercial is Sexy!

Agent Provocateur released a new commercial for their 2017 Autumn Winter campaign and it features hot girls playing pool in lingerie!

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Look Into Mariah Carey’s Closet!

Want to know what Mariah Carey has in her closet? Check out this video.

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Fabianny Zambrano Nip Slip during Beauty Pageant!

Here’s a great clip from beauty pageant Miss Earth Venezuela 2017 and of model Fabianny Zambrano who is representing Barinas, Venezuela having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction! Basically, her tit is falling out of her dress.

Emilia Clarke Nude in Game of Thrones Sex Scene!

Here’s a nude Emilia Clarke having sex with Jon Snow from last night’s Game of Thrones season finale! She was mostly covered up but we get a hint of nip!

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Taylor Swift is Edgy Now!

Say goodbye to the old Taylor Swift! The new one is edgy! Let’s hope that translated into slutty outfits.

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Kendall Jenner See Through for W South Korea!

Here’s Kendall Jenner doing a shoot for W magazine South Korea and she’s wearing a very sheer dress!

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Janna Breslin for Maxim Magazine!

Here’s two clips of Janna Breslin looking good in a shoot with Maxim magazine!

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Britney Spears Sings Without a Backup Track and in Lingerie!

Britney Spears has had enough of people saying that she can’t sing so during a recent concert she sang WITHOUT help and in LINGERIE!

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Sharon Stone Shared Her Basic Instinct Audition Tape!

Basic Instinct is the movie that made vagina history, and now the pussy star; Sharon Stone has shared a clip from her audition!

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The World Swimsuit Final TV Show!

Here’s the entire episode of the World Swimsuit Final TV show! I’m not sure what that is exactly but the girls sure are good looking.

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Jessica Biel gets Eaten Out on The Sinner!

Jessica Biel is back as the star on a new show called The Sinner and here’s a clip of her getting eaten out!

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Kate Upton for Shape Magazine Video!

Behind the scenes video of Kate Upton posing for Shape magazine!

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Sara Jean Underwood Strips in a Staircase!

GIF of the always entertaining Sara Jean Underwood getting naked in a staircase for some reason? Also, a bonus clip of a reporter getting punched in the face by a drunk guy.

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T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes Jumps Into a Pool with Nouel Riel Naked!

Carly Foulkes

This was captured from an Instagram story and we get to see model Carly Foulkes who is mostly known from her T-Mobile commercials jump into the pool naked with D-list actress Nouel Riel! View the pictures + clip

Did Lena Heady get Naked on the Last Game of Thrones or was it Her Body Double?

A naked Lena Heady got out of bed in the last episode of Game of Thrones or did she? The way this scene was shot leads me to believe it was her body double.

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Meet Bikini Model Mary Kaitlin!

You get to meet blonde bikini model Mary Kaitlin in this video and that sure is a pleasure.

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Cute Reporter Battles Hail Storm!

Poor girl!

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Jamie Lee Curtis Topless in Trading Places!

Throwback video highlighting Jamie Lee Curtis topless in 1983 movie Trading Places! She had nice tits.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Talked About that Swingers Rumor!

It’s been a long time rumor that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are swimgers and it was brought up again on some TV show. Jada claims its not true but she wishes it was. Really?

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Charlotte McKinney Stars in a Sexy Clip!

Here’s a sexy video of Charlotte McKinney dancing around on the beach! Not sure what its for but I like it.

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Losing Her Bikini Bottom on a Mechanical Bull!

Very funny clip of a girl losing her bikini bottom while riding a mechanical bull! Usually its a boob that bounces out on these but this time we get a pink slip!

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There are Porn Stars in Pimp Flaco’s Pico Tres Music Video!

Pimp Flaco is famous? Here is his Pico Tres music video and it features a lot of porn stars having a backyard orgy!

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Sara Jean Underwood is Sexy in Greece!

Video of Sara Jean Underwood wearing sexy swimsuits in Greece! Slight see through and an oiled in butt makes this a must watch!

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Alexandra Daddario vs Kate Upton in The Layover!

Alexandra Daddario is fighting with Kate Upton over the same guy in the trailer for The Layover! Should’ve just called this movie Battle of the Boobs. Boobs is the only reason anyone is going to watch this.

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Selena Gomez’s New Video is Just Her Mouth!

Selena Gomez released her new video called FETISH and its just her mouth. I assume the song is about blowjobs.

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