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Stars on nipples are for the weak


Video of StasyQ Posing Topless!

Very sexy video of StasyQ posing naked! Her nipples are wonderful!

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North Korea Sent Cheerleaders to the Winter Olympics!

North Korea sent a group of cheerleaders to cheer on their athletes at the Winter Olympics and they are really hot.

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Irene Junquera’s Naked Reflection!

OOops! Spanish TV presenter Irene Junquera posted a video to Instagram of herself in the bathtub! Intention was to be a tease and only show off her legs but she forgot about the reflection in the shiny shower head!

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Analeigh Tipton Sex Scenes from Compulsion!

Analeigh Tipton has a bunch of sex scenes in her new movie Compulsion! Here’s a compilation.

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The Satisfaction Challenge!

There is something called the Satisfaction challenge which is related to the classic music video. I don’t quite get it but I like it!

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Video of Bikini Model Elizabeth Hassell!

Elizabeth Hassell looks great in a bikini so its good that being in a bikini is her job.

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Highlighting the Ass of Becky G!

Great photo and video compilation of Becky G and her lovely ass!

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Sierra Skye Walks the Catwalk in Slow Motion!

This is a two minute video of Sierra Skye walking the catwalk in a bikini bottom and a mesh top for some fashion show. Do yourself a favor and watch from beginning to end without fast forwarding.

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Cardi B Makes it Clap on Stage!

Clip of Cardi B twerking and shaking her big ass while performing live at a concert! You can take the strippa out of the club but not the club out of the strippa!

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The Cam Girl Invasion of Twitch!

Twitch is supposed to be a gaming streaming service but it has more and more been invaded by cam girls who wants to make money off of geeks. These videos highlight the “problem”.

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Frankie Shaw Nude Sex Scene from SMILF!

I’ve never heard of SMILF before but here’s a hot sex scene of a topless Frankie Shaw getting drilled from behind!

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The END of Love Advent – Blooper Reel!

Lizzy Caplan Nude Scenes Compilation!

Great compilation of all the nude and sexy scenes Lizzy Caplan has done. It’s quite a lot of them.

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Sistine Stallone Works Out for the Love Advent!

I’m pretty much over the whole Love advent thing at this point but they got my attention by using Sylvester Stallone’s daughter Sistine Stallone in the latest one.

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Nicki Minaj in Pasties for Krippy Kush Music Video!

Nicki Minaj is topless in pasties for the new Krippy Kush music video! Worth checking out if you like her big boobs.

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Elsa Hosk, Hannah Ferguson and Cami Morrone for Love Advent!

Roundup of Elsa Hosk, Hannah Ferguson and Cami Morrone doing their thing in lingerie for Love advent!

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Meet Asian Bikini Model Cindie Louu!

Great video featuring sexy Asian bikini model Cindie Louu at work!

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Ciara is Braless Under a White Tee for Love Advent!

Pop star Ciara is being a great tease in her Love advent video!

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Irina Shayk and Alessandra Ambrosio for Love Advent!

Irina Shayk is a sexy cowgirl and Alessandra Ambrosio is a sexy biker chick in their Love advent clips!

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Big Boob Tennis with Kate Upton!

Kate Upton is playing Tennis in her Love advent video! Good look at her big boobs!

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Bikini Team Presents Sexy Santas!

Great video of sexy bikini models posing as sexy Santas!

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Bella Hadid Swings a Hammer in Lingerie!

Bella Hadid looks sexy in lingerie while swinging a sledge hammer for Love advent!

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It’s All About the Ass in Alexis Ren’s Love Advent Video!

Alexis Ren is known for her ass and we get a great look at it in her Love advent clip!

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Nicole Kidman Topless in The Killing of a Sacred Deer!

Clip of Nicole Kidman going nude for a new movie called The Killing of a Sacred Deer! I heard good things about this one.

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Gal Gadot Fake Porn Looks Incredibly Real!

Someone has invented an algorithm that replaces porn star faces with celebrity faces and the result looks really real! Check out this video of a fake Gal Gadot having sex.. its pretty crazy. In a few years we’ll be able to see any celeb do a “sex tape” and it will look just like the real thing.

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The Bikini Butts of Miss Reef!

Do you like bikini and swimsuit butts? Then check out this video of the sexy Miss Reef girls because the focus is definitely on the ass.

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Jasmine Sanders gets Sweaty for Love Advent!

Model Jasmine Sanders is doing sit-ups in her Love advent video! Very hot but very dirty at the same time.

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Hailey Baldwin Working Out in Lingerie for Love Advent!

Hailey Baldwin is looking terrific in sexy lingerie in this clip from Love advent! I’m really becoming a fan of her.

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Love Advent Roundup Including Rita Ora, Sara Sampaio and More!

Haven’t kept up with Love Advent this year but here’s a good roundup of the more recent videos featuring Rita Ora, Doutzen Kroes, Sara Sampaio, Madison Beer, and Taylor Hill!

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Elizabeth Hurley’s Boob in The Weight of Water!

Get a look at the sweet set of tits belonging to Elizabeth Hurley from The Weight of Water! Good luck reading that book Sean Penn.

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