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Beyonce Showing Off Post-Pregnancy Curves!

Beyonce wore a tight dress and her boobs and butt look significantly bigger now! I like it!

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Madame Tussauds Made a White Beyonce!

Madame Tussauds wax museum is in trouble for making a Beyonce doll that looks like a white woman. To be fair, the face barely looks like Beyonce either so this is probably just a case of a bad doll maker rather than “white-washing”.

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Beyonce Posted a Pic of Her Twins! And Her Legs!

Yup, the twins of Beyonce has been revealed for the first time! Somehow Beyonce made sure she still is the focus of attention by showing off her legs.

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Beyonce’s Insane Pregnant Photo Collection!

You’ve probably seen Beyonce’s announcement photo that she’s pregnant, but did you know that there are many more? There are and they are insane. I know she’s a celeb but this is a bit much..

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Beyonce’s Pantyless Illusion at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards!


Beyonce wants you to think that she’s not wearing any panties at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, but she is! They just happens to be the same colour as the rest of her. I can still fap to this look though.

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Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce

Beyonce Wears Swimsuit in Hawaii!

Candids of Beyonce looking very nice in a colorful swimsuit at a beach in Hawaii! That butt looks mighty fine.

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Beyonce Cleavage at a Basketball Game!

Here’s Beyonce looking sexy and busty at a Basketball game! Nice tits.

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Beyonce’s Formation Tour Videos!

Booty shaking commence! Beyonce has kicked off her Formation tour and here are some videos.

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Beyonce in Elle Magazine!

Beyonce is continuing her new fitness thing with this sexy spread for Elle magazine!

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Beyonce gets Fit with Ivy Park!

Beyonce launched some type of fitness program called Ivy Park with these sexy photos and a VERY SEXY video! Wow.. whatever fitness she is doing.. its working!

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Beyonce in Leather for the Super Bowl!

More pics of Beyonce performing in a sexy leather outfit at last night’s Super Bowl!

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Lady Gaga and others at Super Bowl!

Nice lil’ roundup of the celebs performing and attending last night’s Super Bowl 50!

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Beyonce’s Cleavage Went to Vegas!

Here’s Beyonce and her braless cleavage at some event in Las Vegas!! Wow!

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Beyonce Camel Toe while Performing at Tidal Event with Nicki Minaj!


Beyonce put a terrific camel toe on display while performing with a sexy Nicki Minaj at Tidal’s 1020 Amplified by HTC event in NYC! Is that a Nicki nip slip in pic #5 as well?

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Beyonce Showing Plenty of Cleavage at a TIDAL Event!

Wow! Beyonce sure brought the sexy and the boobies to the TIDAL X 1020 Amplified by HTC event in New York! This is one of the most revealing dresses I can remember her ever wearing.

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Beyonce in a Swimsuit!

Beyonce wore a swimsuit while doing a sexy photoshoot! Yummy hips.

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Beyonce got Sexy in Flaunt Magazine!

Beyonce is wearing a bikini and getting wet in this sexy new spread for Flaunt magazine! She needs to flaunt those curves more often if you ask me!

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Beyonce Looked Sexy while Performing!

Beyonce wore a lot of sexy outfits while performing live at the Budweiser Made in America Festival in Philadelphia! Cuuurves!

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Beyonce in a Swimsuit!

Sexy swimsuit pic of Beyonce showing off her new vegan body.

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Beyonce See Through from 2003!


Slow news today so let’s talk about these see through pics of Beyonce at the VIP Room in St. Tropez from 2003? What’s the story? Are they legit? They sure look legit to me and possibly the best look at her nips we’ve ever gotten.

High-res via Imagevenue:

Beyonce in a Revealing Semi Sheer Dress!!


DAMN!! Beyonce showed off as much of her curves as possible without being naked by wearing a semi sheer dress to the China Through The Looking Glass Costume Institute Gala in New York! If you’re an ass man, it doesn’t get any better than this!

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Beyonce Bikini Pics from Instagram!

Here’s some Instagram pics of Beyonce looking sexy in a bikini! Hot body.

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Beyonce with Her Shirt Open!

Beyonce coming real close to a nip slip in these candids!!

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Beyonce in Underwear!

I don’t know where this is from but here’s Beyonce looking sexy in her underwear!

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The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Megapost!!

Rita Ora

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards took place in Inglewood California yesterday, a place which I only know from Dr. Dre songs, and it had all the glitz and glamour of a skanky prom night! Here is a rundown of the best dressed celebs, and by best I mean the most revealing!!!

High-res via Imagevenue:

Rita Ora looked great in a slinky and revealing red dress! Pokies!!

Demi Lovato also looked great in red. Plenty of cleavage!

Nicki Minaj kept it sexy all night in three different outfits which all showcased her curves in the best way

Amber Rose channelled Rose McGowan in this revealing dress

Jennifer Lopez showed off her curves in a sexy silver dress. Still owns that block!

Beyonce kept it sexy and classy as always

Taylor Swift wore something unique but showed off her legs obviously

Iggy Azalea and her curves

Kim Kardashian with a hairstyle saying “I just had sex” and showing plenty of cleavage
Kim Kardashian

Kendall Jenner in a semi sheer top

Miley Cyrus wore leather

Julianne Hough was pretty in a backless dress

Sarah Hyland looks good but needs a new makeup person

Katy Perry matched her blue dress with some weirdo

Ireland Baldwin and her small tits in a black dress
Ireland Baldwin

Nina Dobrev has a pretty face

Victoria Justice was pretty but kinda boring

Jessie J showed cleavage

Kesha was ridiculous

Beyonce’s New Tour is Bootylicious Indeed!

Asstastic clip of Beyonce performing on her new tour! WOW!

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Beyonce’s Sexy Partition Video

Here is Beyonce’s new sexy video Partition + GIFs of the sexiest parts. Bootylicious!

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Beyonce Grammy Rehearsal

Bootylicious pics of Beyonce rehearsing for the Grammys.

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The Notable from the 56th Annual Grammy Awards + Events!

56th Annual Grammy Awards

Soooo… the 56th Annual Grammy Awards took place and here is a roundup of all the notable celebs who decided to wear something sexy instead of being PLAIN and BORING which is what most of them was. The red carpet pics I’ve seen so far is a snooze fest so I’ve included pics from all the pre-grammy events as well. Enjoy the famous cleavage!

High-res via Imagevenue:

Katy Perry showing cleavage at the Sony Post-Grammy Reception
Katy Perry

Audrina Patridge flashed sideboob at Republic Records Grammy Party
Audrina Patridge Audrina Patridge

Paris Hilton coming close to a pussy slip with a super sexy dress at a Pre-Grammy Celebration
Paris Hilton Paris Hilton Paris Hilton

Christine Teigen showing cleavage at the Pre-Grammy Gala

Beyonce performing in a bootylicious outfit at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards
Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce

Rihanna wearing a dress that looks like it can fall apart at any second at the Pre-Grammy Gala
Rihanna Rihanna

Paula Patton and her squishy cleavage at the Pre-Grammy Gala
Paula Patton

Never heard of Kaya Jones but she wore this to the 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Iggy Azalea’s hips and butt performed at the Friends ‘N’ Family Pre-Grammy Party
image host image host

Joanna Krupa kept it sexy in a revealing dress at the Friends ‘N’ Family Pre-Grammy Party
image host image host image host

Adrienne Bailon with plenty of cleavage on display at the Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch
image host

Beyonce Nude and in Glitter for Flaunt Magazine!


Sexy new spread of Beyonce posing nude and covered in glitter for Flaunt magazine! Even though she is technically covered with still get a pretty good view of her body.

High-res via Imgbox:

Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce