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Amanda Bynes Topless on Twitter

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I’m not even sure who Amanda Bynes is besides that she seems to be the girl who is train wrecking her own life at the moment. I’m cool with that though, especially when we get topless selfies like these that she posted on Twitter!

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes

  • travis

    I’m not sure if that’s even her those tots are to big and her nose isn’t that wide

  • Rob

    These pics don’t look at all like Amanda Bynes. She was on a sitcom called “What I Like About You” which ran on the short lived WB network.

  • Iceman

    If that’s Amanda Bynes then she’s been on more drugs than Lindsay Lohan.

  • John

    Travis possible she had plastic surery among other things. And heh as far as who she is she has been on a few television shows. She came up doing comedy stuff on nickelodeon on All That for awhile then was in a more serious show for a bit…. Really though she trainwrecked her own career yeah and now she is just “out there” trying to get attention

  • the x

    Belive it or not i used to have sex with this girl… (who isnt amanda bynes) and sorry to burst anyones fantasy bubble, but this is not amanda bynes its actually my x girlfriend/ fuckbuddy…. kool girl but definitly not amanda bynes….. not to say i wish it wasnt tho… amanda looks like she could be fun in the sack….just goes to show ya what a small world the internet can be….ha