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Jessica Alba Sexy Dancing in Sin City 2!

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Today seems like a good day to post a behind the scenes video of Jessica Alba dancing and making sexy moves as a stripper in Sin City 2! I haven’t seen the movie yet, but from that I’ve heard.. this is the only good part.

and here is the final scene:

She definitely earned her paycheck!

  • Jordan

    Eva Green is fantastic (and very naked) in it. Far better than Alba!

  • Chris

    The videos were taken down from YT

  • Niklas

    they both still work

  • Eric

    No they don’t

  • Aleric

    Wake me up when she actually takes her clothes off and stops teasing like a shy 17 year old.

  • Tim

    It works in the US, UK, etc VIA VPN. I had to connect to a German server to get it to play.

  • Have An Affair

    A bit boring really.