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Nicki Minaj and Madonna Kissed at the 2018 MTV VMAs!

A Look at the Nude Movie Career of Madonna!

When Madonna made an attempt at becoming an actress, she did a lot of nude scenes! Here’s a rundown of her nude movie moments.

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5 Movie Masturbation GIFs!

5 great GIFs of actresses masturbating! The best one is Madonna from Body of Evidence!

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Madonna Shared This “Topless” Photo!

Madonna posted this topless photo of herself recently. Its censored but can definitely see some areola.

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Madonna Down Blouse Selfies!

A couple of selfies of Madonna showing some cleavage!

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Never-Before-Seen Nude Photos of Madonna are for Sale!

You’d think all the nude photos taken of Madonna would already be out there but there is a new batch of never-before-seen pics for sale at an auction!

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2017 MET Gala: Madonna was a Camouflage Mess!

Here’s Madonna attending last night’s MET Gala and she wore a camouflage dress. I wish the camo worked because she doesn’t look that great anymore.

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Madonna in Lingerie for Harper’s Bazaar!

Outtakes of Madonna wearing lingerie in a new spread for Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

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Ariana Grande and Madonna Dancing Together!

Clip of Ariana Grande and Madonna shaking their butts at a benefit. Rumors is that Madonna’s ass is fake?

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Vote for Hillary and Madonna Will Suck Your Dick!

Pretty sweet offer to all you Americans out there. Vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election and Madonna will give you a blowjob.

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Madonna Nip Slip!

A few nice shots of Madonna posing with some guy and slipping a nipple!

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Madonna Wore Tape on Her Nipples at The 2016 Met Gala!


Got to give it up for Madonna, she always keeps it interesting! Here she is at the fancy Met Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and wearing tape on her nipples.

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Madonna Exposed a Fan’s Tit On Stage!

During a recent concert in Australia, Madonna decided to pull the top down on a fan she brought on stage while calling her a naughty girl!! People were outraged of course but the fan in question didn’t mind.

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Madonna Spanks Anderson Cooper on Stage!

Madonna brought Anderson Cooper on stage during her show and took the opportunity to spank him and dry hump him. She knows he’s gay right?

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Miley Cyrus is Topless on Facetime with Interview!! + Kim Kardashian and More!

Miley Cyrus

Interview magazine has a spread in their September issue called #Me and the concept is simply that one of their photographers connected with celebs on Facetime and captured some stills! Sounds like a pretty easy gig..

Photos via Imagevenue:

Obviously Miley Cyrus was topless during her session:

Kim Kardashian looked like she was masturbating:

Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Selena Gomez are also part of the shoot. Looking forward to see if they get naked as well.

Old Madonna See Through Pics from Photoshoot!

Some old pics that I’ve never seen before of Madonna in a see through top for a photoshoot.

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Lourdes Leon See Through Candids!

Lourdes Leon

Candids of Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon leaving the MET after party and looks like Lourdes forgot to wear a bra! I have unfortunately not been able to find better quality pics but you can see her nips.

High-res via Imagevenue:

Madonna in Cosmopolitan Magazine! Then and Now!

Madonna is looking sexy on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, and Drunken Stepfather seized this opportunity to compare the cover to the one she did 15 years ago!

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The 57th Annual Grammy Awards!! Miley Cyrus Pink Slip!!

Grammy Awards

Some pretty good stuff happened at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards last night and here is a rundown of the best! I will keep this going throughout the afternoon because its a lot to add all at once. Let’s GO!

High-res via Imagevenue:

Kim Kardashian wore a fancy robe but looked great and showed plenty of cleavage which was to be expected. Kanye also decided to grab her ass while giving her a kiss. Can you blame him?

Lady Gaga wore by her standards a modest dress. Tits were front and center though.

Katy Perry looked curvy in a semi sheer dress! Even Miley Cyrus was impressed with her titties and speaking of those, love those pics of Katy going tit to tit with Nicki Minaj!

And here is some more of Nicki Minaj and her impressive cleavage

Miley Cyrus was boring at the actual Grammy Awards but made up for it at a pre-Grammy party!! She hung out with Rita Ora and its pretty obvious that she wasn’t wearing any underwear!! A brief PINK SLIP in the first pic and some good pokies in the rest.

Ashanti showed a ton of cleavage and a bit of leg in this sexy black dress.

Paris Hilton showed cleavage in a semi-sheer dress! I think its less sheer than what it seems but its a good look on her.

Kristen Wiig wore a leotard with pokies on display during a live performance at the awards. I haven’t seen the performance so no idea whats going on but I like the nips.

Joy Villa definitely wore the most interesting “dress” of the night. Very revealing though with a good view of her titties and ass. She wore pasties and panties so I will give her an A-.

Madonna put her pancake tits in some sort of Burlesque thing and flashed her ass on the red carpet. Good night for her I suppose.

Madonna Topless for Interview Magazine!


Madonna is showing off her tits again, this time in a new spread for Interview magazine. She always had nice boobs.

High-res via Imagevenue:

Madonna Topless Outtakes!


Found a couple of outtakes of Madonna posing topless for L’Uomo Vogue! You can see the final spread here.

High-res via Imagevenue:

Madonna Topless for L’Uomo Vogue!


Madonna is showing a boob in the latest issue of L’Uomo Vogue! Unfortunately its just one topless pic but the rest of the shoot is pretty damn hot as well. Best she has looked in a while.

High-res via Imagevenue:

Madonna Topless Truth or Dare Outtakes


Outtakes of Madonna posing topless for a photoshoot called Truth or Dare back in 2012! Her boobs are nice to look at.

High-res via Imagevenue:

Previously Unseen Nudes of Madonna


These are photos of Madonna when she was 18-years old and posed nude for photographer Herman Kulkens! Back then she was a University of Michigan dance student and posed for $10 an hour. Some of the photos from the shoot was released in the 80’s when she became famous but a bunch of them has remained hidden until now. The photos will be up for auction on November 9th at Guccionecollection.com.

High-res via Imagevenue:

Madonna Flashing Boob in Paris

We’ve already seen Madonna flash her boob during a concert in Istanbul and now its Paris’ turn! I guess nudity is simply part of the show, which is awesome!


Video of the strip, flash and her boobs in a sheer bra:

Madonna Flash Ass in Rome

Madonna’s European tour continues.. this time with an ass flash in Rome!

View the pictures (Via Drunken Stepfather)

Madonna Flashing Tit in Concert Video

Video of Madonna flashing a nipple while on stage during a concert in Istanbul!

Madonna Topless from Body of Evidence

Body of Evidence may have been a pretty bad movie but at least it has naked Madonna going for it!

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Pics of Madonna in a See Through Bra Leaked!

New photos of Madonna in a see through bra has leaked online! I have to warn you that these are NOT sexy so check them out on your own accord.

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