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Re-Visit Hannah Ferguson’s Body Paint Swimsuit!

Hannah Ferguson

Let’s re-visit Hannah Ferguson in a body paint swimsuit for Sports Illustrated because WOW.. she is amazing!

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100 Years of Beauty in Sweden!

Swedish Beauty

Video featuring a sexy blonde model showcasing 100 years of Swedish beauty!

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Serena Williams Dancing Video!

Serena Williams

Bootylicious video of Serena Williams dancing for some advertisement!

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Gymnast Aly Raisman for Sports Illustrated!

Aly Raisman

Nice preview clip of gymnast Aly Raisman showing off her fit body for Sports Illustrated!

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Brazzers Blooper Reel!

Porn bloopers

Not really celeb related but definitely a lot of slips in this blooper reel from porn site Brazzers!

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Nude Models Posing in a Museum!

Naked models

Amazing behind the scenes video of THIRTEEN naked models posing in a Paris museum for Normal magazine! Great stuff.

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Sexy Video of Daisy Lowe in Lingerie!

Daisy Lowe

This video if from 2010 but its very sexy and its of of Daisy Lowe dancing in lingerie for Esquire!

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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Victoria’s Secret!

Victorias Secret

Interesting video going over some unknown facts of everyone’s favourite lingerie company!

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Italian TV Presenter Spread Her Legs on TV!

Costanza Calabrese

Italian TV presenter Costanza Calabrese spread her legs while “presenting”, which I like, but I bet she wish someone would’ve told her that we could everything through the glass table!!

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Payton Adkins is a Sexy Bikini Model!

Payton Adkins

Sexy video of swimsuit model Payton Adkins hard at work in some exotic destination.

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Kylie Jenner’s Erotic Video!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner got wet and naked (without really showing anything) for fashion director Sasha Samsonova! This is basically softcore porn but need more real nudity next time.

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Love Doesn’t Know What Advent Is! Day 30 is Rose Bertram!

Love Doesn’t Know What Advent Is! Day 29 is Jasmine Sanders!

Woman Draws a Cannon!

A Woman

This is a different kind of slip but a very funny one. A woman is trying to draw a cannon but she ends up drawing what she really wants instead.

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Love Doesn’t Know What Advent Is! Day 25 – 28 is Kendall Jenner, Ashley Graham, Elsa Hosk and Cami Morrone!

Love Advent Day 24 is Gigi Hadid!

Love Advent Day 23 is Karlie Kloss!

Alicia Vikander’s Nude Scenes!

Alicia Vikander

One terrific video featuring all of Swedish actress Alicia Vikander’s nude scenes…. so far!

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Sexy Christmas Compilation Video!

Sexy Christmas

Terrific compilation video of sexy Christmas babes!! Enjoy the holidays!

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Love Advent Day 22 is Alexis Ren!

Love Advent Day 21 is Hailey Baldwin!

Love Advent Day 20 is Joan Smalls!

Nudity in Die Antwoord Video!

Die Antwoord

New music video by Die Antwoord that has a lot of nudity in it among other weird things.

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Love Advent Day 17 – 19 is Alexa Chung, Stella Maxwell and Alessandra Ambrosio!

Britney Spears did a Sexy Christmas Concert!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears looked good while performing at the Jingle Bash!

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Love Advent Day 16 is Chrissy Teigen!

Reasons You Should Watch the Baywatch Trailer!


The Baywatch movie looks like it will be pretty bad but still, check out the trailer because it has Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rorbach, Charlotte McKinney among others in bikinis!

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Love Advent Day 15 is Ciara!

Kylie Jenner Dressed as Christina Aguilera Again!

Kylie Jenner

She did it for Halloween and Kylie Jenner once again dressed up as Christina Aguilera! This time, for Christina Aguilera’s 36th birthday party!

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Monica Bellucci Topless in Mozart in the Jungle!

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is in her 50s now and still smoking hot!! Here is a brand new topless sex scene she did for Mozart in the Jungle!

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