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Mr. Skin’s Summer FLASH SALE!!!

It’s the start of SUMMER and Mr. Skin is here to celebrate with a $1 – 30 day offer! Yup, full access to their entire archive of movie and TV nudity for only $1. You have to act fast because this offer is only available until the end of June.


Mr. Skin

Valeria Lakhina Posing Nude for Playboy!

Valeria Lakhina

Outtakes of gorgeous model Valeria Lakhina posing nude for Playboy!

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TV Nudity Report: Vida, Jett, Dark and More!

TV Nudity

Plenty of nudity in this week’s TV report. Scenes from: Vida, Jett, Dark, Strange Angel, City on a Hill and The Spanish Princess!

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Farrah Abraham Lip Slip and Areola in a Skimpy Bikini!

Farrah Abraham

Photos of Farrah Abraham showing a bit of pussy lip and areola while wearing a skimpy bikini at a pool in LA! View the pictures

Nathalie Kelley Nude in Nature!

Blac Chyna in a Sexy Tiger Outfit!

Blac Chyna

Candids of Blac Chyna wearing a see through bodysuit while arriving to a pre-BET part in LA!

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Samira Wiley Topless in Orange is The New Black!

Samira Wiley

Caps of actress Samira Wiley topless in a lesbian sex scene from Orange is The New Black!

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Weather Girl Yanet Garcia is Still Hot!

Yanet Garcia

In case you were wondering.. Mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia is still hot and her ass is still fantastic!

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Sophie Turner Pokies in Paris!

Sophie Turner

Candids of a braless Sophie Turner outside her hotel in Paris! View the pictures

Carla Howe’s Titty Falls Out of Her Dress!

Carla Howe

Candids of Carla Howe suffering a wardrobe malfunction and flashing a tit while arriving to a charity gala in London!

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Kourtney Kardashian in an Ass-tastic Bikini!

Kourtney Kardashian

Bikini candids of Kourtney Kardashian and her nice ass on vacation in Costa Rica!

View the pictures (Via Okokoras)

Elena Morali Wet Bikini See Through!

Elena Morali

Candids of Italian D-lister Elena Morali wearing a wet and revealing bikini at the beach in Mykonos!

View the pictures (Via Kanoni)

Katharine McPhee Bikini Pokies!

Katharine McPhee

Candids of Katharine McPhee looking hot in a bikini while hanging out at the beach in Mykonos, Greece! View the pictures

Madison Beer Nip Slip on Instagram Stories!

Madison Beer

Donna D’Errico Cleavage at a Cannabis Launch!

Donna D’Errico

Baywatch babe Donna D’Errico showed plenty of cleavage at the lunch of Skinny Cannabis Vape Product in West Hollywood!

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Olivia Munn is Topless Under a Blazer!

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn was sexy in a black blazer while walking the red carpet at SeriesFest!

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Kerry Katona Sunbathing Topless at the Beach!

Kerry Katona

Candids of Kerry Katona caught topless sunbathing at the beach!

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10 Intimate Questions Answered by a Bukkake Party Girl

The porn industry isn’t for everyone, it takes guts, a nonchalant attitude, and steely constitution. That’s never more true than when you’re a bukkake party girl.

Maybe you’ve heard of the internet’s newest porn-craze-turned-real-life infatuation. Then again, maybe you haven’t. Either way, allow me to introduce you to the definitely weird, and uncomfortably real, world of the Bukkake Party girl.

To tell us with more informed detail, and a strangely arousing authority, we spoke with Premium Bukkake (the famous bukkake website) party girl Alice Angesto to get all the dirt on the subject. She happily gushes about the industry and its impact on her life.

Hello! Thanks for joining me. So diving straight in, what exactly is a Bukkake party girl?
AA: Hi! Well, a bukkake party girl is a lady that essential stands, or sits, in the middle of a circle jerk to get wanked on by a large group of men. It’s basically a game of soggy biscuit, and if all goes well, you do get eaten in the end.

Oh wow! So is that considered a tip?
AA: Sure! The beauty of being a bukkake party girl is that you get paid really well to have an amazing time. I love sex, and always have. I definitely get turned on by group sex and party orgies, so bukkake parties were a natural gravitation for me.

You say they were a ‘natural gravitation’, but what got you into being a bukkake party girl?
AA: It’s actually kind of random how I ended up doing this as a career. I was at a sex club with some swinger friends of mine. I ended up in the middle of an orgy that was predominantly men, who towards the end, asked me to sit in the middle of a circle. They all just started jerking off around me. It was an incredibly seductive moment for me. After they came, one of the guys expressed to me how much he enjoyed our time. I took myself by surprise when I genuinely answered in kind. After that I found wanted ads searching for bukkake party girls and I was happy to join in. That slowly became a pretty lucrative enterprise for me.

Is being a bukkake party girl your only job?
AA: It is. The beauty of being a bukkake party model is that you can make really great money without having to work all too often. My clients are generally incredibly respectful. It’s different from being an escort because group sex isn’t really expected? If it happens, it’s a nice little bonus for myself and my clients. But generally I only provide handjobs and dirty talk during the party. Occasionally there will be a bit of head thrown in, but it’s really all down to my discretion.

So you’re basically your very own SheEO?
AA: [laughs] Yes! Exactly. I make my own hours, screen my clients and employ a bodyguard who goes to appointments with me. I’m in direct control of everything, from bookings, to expenses, to marketing. It’s really exciting for me, I’m kind of a controlling person, so it suits my personality.

Does being a controlling person help or hinder the job?
AA: Oh it definitely helps. It’s really rare that clients want me to be subordinate. Most prefer that I dress in more dominant lingerie – like leather or latex. Every client I’ve had in the two years that I’ve been a bukkake party girl prefer that I enjoy the experience. They really like it when I take charge of the conversation and climax of the group. I’m sort of like a conductor for a really gooey symphony.

So you’ve been a bukkake party girl for two years already. Do you see yourself continuing this career path forever?
AA: I doubt I’ll continue it as a paid model forever. I’m only 22 years old now, so I have a good chunk of desirability left if I take care of myself. The flexible schedule and decent income I make from bukkake parties make it really easy for me to attend school as well.

Are you attending school currently?
AA: I’m currently in my second year as a psychology student. Psychology absolutely fascinates me, and is so incredibly relevant in the porn industry. I think eventually I would like to become a sex therapist or do some kind of psychosexual studies.

That’s the first time the term ‘psychosexual’ has ever sounded remotely sexual. You’re off to a brilliant start. What other hobbies do you have besides playing with other people’s…..brains….?
AA: I’m super active. I love football and rugby. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, which is great because it keeps me in good shape without having to go to the gym. I hate gyms. I also like trekking and cycling quite a bit and spend most of my free time with friends and family.

Speaking of family, do your family and friends know what you do for a living?
AA: If you’re asking whether or not I tell my mum I get drenched in cum for money, the answer is yes….ish. My mum knows that I work in pornography, but has asked me to spare her any details. She’s really supportive about it. We don’t tell my father. My older sister knows and is constantly picking my brain about it. She’s not inclined to become a bukkake party girl herself, but she enjoys hearing my stories. Friends are a little bit harder to gauge. With my closest and oldest, they all know what I do, but it takes me awhile after getting to know someone to open up to them about my work. It’s not because I’m ashamed of what I do, but it’s a safety concern to have a bunch of people know about it. Both for myself and my clients.

Alice, thank you so much for the interview! You’re an absolute delight. We wish you continued success in your endeavors.

Sucking Off a Bottle Makes Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Bottom Wet!

Kim Kardashian

Candids of Kim Kardashian wearing a sexy blue bikini and having a drink of water by the pool in Costa Rica! View the pictures

Maitland Ward Flashing Tits in Hollywood!

Maitland Ward

Actress turned porn star Maitland Ward was out in Hollywood flashing her tits around the walk of fame!

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Sammi Hanratty Deep Cleavage on the Red Carpet!

Sammi Hanratty

Cute actress Sammi Hanratty wore a deep V on the red carpet for the premiere of Annabelle Comes Home!

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Paz de la Huerta is Having a Naked Meltdown on Instagram!

Paz De La Huerta

Paz de la Huerta is currently posting naughty selfies and ranting on Instagram! Someone get her back on the meds.

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AnnaLynne McCord Pokies in a White Top!

AnnaLynne McCord

Candids of a braless AnnaLynne McCord wearing tight leggings and a tight top with pokies on display while out and about in LA! View the pictures

Janelle Monae in a Bikini!

Janelle Monae

Bikini candids of Janelle Monae having a nice big butt at the beach!

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Chantel Jeffries in a White Bikini!

Chantel Jeffries

Candids of Chantel Jeffries being smoking hot in a white bikini while hanging out at the beach!

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Jemima Kirke Nude Selfies!

Jemima Kirke

Nude selfies of actress Jemima Kirke has leaked online! Allegedly.

View the pictures (Via Drunken Stepfather)

Teyana Taylor in a See Through Top!

Teyana Taylor

Candids of a braless Teyana Taylor wearing a loose and see through top while leaving a restaurant and getting into a white Rolls Royce in West Hollywood! View the pictures

Video of Kelsey Merritt for Sports Illustrated!

Kelsey Merritt

Great video of sexy model Kelsey Merritt posing for the latest issue of Sports Illustrated!

View the video (Via Yes Bitch)

Amazing Camel Toe and See Through in Slo-Mo!

Camel Toe

Not a celeb but the camel toe of this girl pouring water on herself in slow motion is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

View the clips (Via Alrincon)

Private Video of Hayley Atwell Leaked!

Hayley Atwell

Two clips of actress Hayley Atwell appearing to be nude in bed has leaked online! Allegedly.

View the video (Via Celeb Jihad)