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Janet’s Nip Slip Story

Hi Nipslip, my name is Janet, when I was younger I used to be a cam girl on a live sex cams site and I’m so grateful to all of you for your funny comments on the ridiculous story I told a few days ago about exposing my boob to the solar panel man. I still feel so embarrassed about that. But someone who also wrote me some pretty awesome stories about your embarrassing moments of nip-slip, and I thought I ‘d tell you about the most embarrassing moment of nip-slip I’ve ever had, and I actually had a couple of moments.

So a couple of years ago, when I was living in New York City before I ever met my husband— and I was, as you know, dating around, swinging and single. I met this fellow. Every summer, my friends and I use to meet up at a house in the Hamptons, and I met this guy out one night. This British guy was named Gavin, and we went out and we went back to town. And so, one night, we went to a movie and I wore a strapless maxi dress like those sexy Asian babes you see in dresses. I would typically wear it with like a pair of wedges or something because it was really long and sexy. Well, since we were just going to a movie this particular night, I decided to just wear flip-flops and we went to the movie theater and we went up to the top floor and it was on 68th Street.

If any of you live in New York City you will know what I am talking ab out. To get to the top floor where all the theaters are, you can refer to it and I would give the guy my ticket to go through the turnstile and theater. Like all the theaters coming out, one comes out of Pete. It was like a wall of people approaching me. Give the guy the ticket I step to go through the turnstile and because I had stepped on the hem of the dress, my entire dress falls to my waist.

There was a wall of people coming out at me now, and I can’t even tell you the one thing that slow motion was like. The one comment I remember was a guy, like a Jersey guy, Guido guy, and I remember that guy said to the man next to him, dude, check the girl’s boobs out. So, there’s my dress that fell from my waist down around my ankles. I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do. Behind me is my date, he does not even know what’s happening. My hands are on my boobs. Now keep in mind that back then my boobs were very cute because I was a live camgirl, they weren’t like leaky monstrosities, they’re disgusting and veiny now.

Oh, they were adorable and that was so funny and sexy. It’s still embarrassing thinking about it. Everyone saw my nipples and tittys, like a hundred people. So, then I had to pull my dress up, so I had to expose myself again so that I could pull the dress down or take my hands off. My boobs are pulling the dress up. Oh , my god, I nearly died, and I’m sure everyone who came out of the theater was happy that night because they got to see my cute and perky tits and nipples.