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10 Things Men Want Women to Do in Bed

10 Things

It’s no secret that men love to fuck. Women like it too, but usually not as much. Where a guy is pretty muck always ready for action, women need a little more time in between romps. That leaves the world with a lot of horny guys constantly thinking about sex. All of that thinking leads them to think about exactly the things they want a woman to do the next time they bang. Every guy on the planet has a pretty extensive list of things they want women to do it bed. Here’s just a taste.

#10 Anal Sex

This one is shared pretty universally, so it’s starting off the list. Anal sex feels amazing. The look on a woman’s face when you first slide into her backdoor is the closest to Ahegao porn in real life as you can possibly get.

#9 More Oral

Oral sex is always a huge deal for women. So many of them claim they won’t even consider a guy for a second date if he doesn’t go down town. Why can’t it be the same for guys? Oral sex doesn’t just have to be its own thing. It should be starting off every sexual encounter.

#8 Showing Off

Women are hot. That’s why guys want to fuck them so much. If you have it, you need to flaunt it. Any woman out there should take the time to give her man a show of her body before climbing into bed.

#7 Getting Yourself Started

It’s completely okay to trade oral sex at the beginning. Don’t forget that guys like to watch, though. A woman should always be okay with a little self-love while her man watches her get herself ready for the main event.

#6 Making Noise

Having a silent partner in business is one thing, but having a silent partner in bed is another. Don’t be afraid to moan the night away and let him know how he’s making you feel. It will show him the path to take you on a pleasure cruise to orgasm town.

#5 Facial Expressions

Just like moaning, facial expressions mean a lot. Don’t hold back when something feels good. Nothing strokes an ego like able to give your woman an eye roll orgasm that she never forgets. Make sure he knows where that spot is every single time he hits it.

#4 Boobs Are For Showing

Never try to have sex while you’re still wearing your bra or a t-shirt. It’s just no fun. You got those puppies on your chest for a reason. Make sure they’re on full display for the entire romp. His eyes being glued to them will let you know he likes them.

#3 The Path Less Traveled

Nothing is worse than having the same exact sex over and over again. It’s taking something that should be fun and making it boring. Try new things. Buy new toys. Every sex night should be an experiment.

#2 Never Say No

Almost an extension of the last number, try not to say no to anything. The guy you’re with should know what your limits are and not want to push them. Once you get into bed, take that into consideration. Let him take you to new places and trust him to not take things too far.

#1 Cum Hard

Even if he’s in charge, throw yourself into it. Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel good. Get to the point where to just can’t cum any harder than you can. He wants to make you feel like you’re in an Ahegao porn. Try and get there and don’t be afraid to tell him how to get you there.
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