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Alicia Vikander Nip Slip!

Alicia Vikander

Candids of Alicia Vikander flashing an accidental nipple while getting on board a yacht in Ibiza! View the pictures

Jessica White Topless On Instagram Stories!

Collection of Sexy Girls with Guns!

Girls with guns

Great collection of smoking hot girls posing with guns!

View the pictures (Via Caveman Circus)

PVR IRIS – A VR Headset for porn

Ever since it’s debut in 2017, Virtual Reality adult content has been taking over day by day. More people find themselves attracted to the idea of wearing these headsets and to enjoy VR adult movies. This phenomenon can be explained with the fact that VR allows consumers to feel much more engaged with what’s going on and it gives them the sensation that they are part of the movie.

Watching VR requires users to own a VR headset. It’s impossible to enjoy this kind of content through a normal internet browser with the laptop or mobile phone.

There’s a lot of VR headsets to choose from. From the cheap ones like Homido, Samsung Gear VR, Zeiss and Google Cardboard that cost less than $100, to top of the line ones like the HTC Vive, PSVR and Oculus Rift. These last 3 are designed for video games but they work for porn as well. They cost over $400.

A great headset that has been produced ONLY to enjoy VR adult content is the IRIS VR Headset by This device has been taking over the adult market, it has a beautiful all white design but mostly it has a superior optical system with a very high resolution that doesn’t fall behind any of the leading VR headsets. Priced at $199, is a must to have headset to own to watch adult content with.

Furthermore, consumers who own this headset would gain access to which is a collection of VR movies from the major porn producers that gets updated weekly with new content. This is a big advantage because it saves people some money since VR porn subscriptions are not cheap and they cost about $20 or $30 a month.

So, for people out there that are thinking to head towards the VR direction, the Iris would be a good purchase. We all know that entertainment is a key factor and this device does a job in putting a smile on whoever tries it.

Tv Nudity Report: Catch-22, Warrior, Doom Patrol and More!

TV Nudity

Great roundup of nude scenes from Catch-22, Warrior, Doom Patrol and Rupert, Rupert & Rupert!

View the pictures (Via Mr. Skin Blog)

Christina Hendricks Cleavage at the 44th Annual Gracie Awards!

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks was gorgeous and busty on the red carpet for the 44th Annual Gracie Awards!

View the pictures (Via Pretty Hot & Sexy)

Eva Herzigova See Through at a Cannes Party!

Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova went to the Dior Vogue party at the 72th Cannes Film Festival and she wore a sheer dress!

Emma Roberts Topless for Cosmopolitan GIF!

Oops! Cosmopolitan uploaded an unedited clip from a recent shoot they did with Emma Roberts in which you can clearly see her nipple!

Emma Roberts

Carmella Rose Posing Topless!

Carmella Rose

Great outtakes of pretty fashion model Carmella Rose posing topless by the pool!

View the pictures (Via Babe Impact)

Big Boob Selfies by Eva Padlock!

Eva Padlock

Great selfies collection of busty babe Eva Padlock in her underwear!

View the pictures (Via Popwrecked)

Nude Baths with Beverly D’Angelo!

Beverly D'Angelo

Nice lil’ collection of actress Beverly D’Angelo topless while bathing in movies! You know her best from the Vacation movies.

View the pictures + GIFs (Via Fleshbot)

Lily-Rose Depp Pokies while Running Errands!

Lily-Rose Depp

Candids of a braless Lily-Rose Depp running errands in Beverly Hills! View the pictures

Sarah Silverman Posted a Topless Selfie on Instagram!

It has been deleted from her account but here’s the pic:

Sarah Silverman

Bella Hadid Making Out with a Cartoon Girl for Calvin Klein!

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is sexy in a new ad for Calvin Klein and she is also making out with a cartoon babe.

View the video (Via The Blemish)

Farrah Abraham in a Sexy Black Swimsuit!

Farrah Abraham

Candids of Farrah Abraham wearing a sexy black swimsuit at the beach in Puerto Vallarta!

View the pictures (Via Kanoni)

Taraji P. Henson Nip Slip in What Men Want!

Taraji P. Henson

GIF from What Men Want of Taraji P. Henson flashing a nipple!

View the GIF (Via Egoallstars)

Margot Robbie Pokies in a Wet Swimsuit!

Margot Robbie

Candids of Margot Robbie wearing a white swimsuit while diving into the water at Eden Roc Hotel during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival! Great pokies! View the pictures

Charli XCX Wearing a See Through Bra!

Calypso Muse Got Naked for Playboy!

Calypso Muse

Outtakes of smoking hot model Calypso Muse posing fully nude for Playboy!

View the pictures (Via Glam0ur)

Selena Gomez Cleavage at the Cannes Film Festival!

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez looked amazing and showed plenty of cleavage on the red carpet for the premiere of The Dead Don’t Die at the Cannes Film Festival!

View the pictures (Via Popoholic)

Izabel Goulart Bikini Candids in Cannes!

Izabel Goulart

Bikini candids of model Izabel Goulart at the beach in Cannes!

View the pictures (Via Egotastic)

How to Give the Perfect Erotic Massage (5 Top Tips)

Many people – couples especially, fantasize about getting the perfect erotic massage but are restricted by having little or no knowledge about the process. After a tiring day, what would you rather come home to – a comforting massage or a wild night? Having to choose one can be tough, so why not have both? Here are five essential things you must know to give the perfect erotic massage:

Create the right atmosphere

The setting that the massage is carried out is as important as the process itself. The perfect erotic massage requires a serene atmosphere. Remember that the massage is not only supposed to relax your muscles but trigger raunchy thoughts and feelings. It is a moment that is supposed to bind two people in blissful bond. To get and give the perfect tantric massage London, you will need to set the mood by getting the setting right – dim or turn off the lights and replace them a few candles. You can also play relaxing music.

Know what kind of sensations you want to get

Decide what kinds of sensations you’d like to evoke in your partner. Happy ending, intimacy, etc? Once you have decided, you should take things slowly by employing light touches; keep the tempo as the process escalates. Know your partners feel-good zones. The neck, shoulders, and toes are popular feel-good zones. These areas would help your partner relax immediately and enjoy your hands against their body. This is used if you want to give your partner an erotic massage London that helps them unwind. If the massage is aimed solely on orgasm, you should focus more on the sensual zones. A sensual massage is no good if you do not spend enough time in the sensual zones, i.e., the pelvis, inner thigh, and lower back. As you move your hands over your partner’s body, pay attention to the way it feels. If their body feels rigid, you need to focus more on the feel-good zones. If it feels relaxed and moves effortlessly, they are ready for the sensual zones.

Have a personal lubricant

Lubrication is a vital part of an erotic massage routine – as essential as it is during sex. It is important that you pick a personal lubricant that your partner is comfortable with (and does not irritate their skin), as this will help them feel relaxed and get both of you into the moment. You can purchase a massage oil pack from many registered stores and then have your partner pick which is more arousing to them. Some popular choices are jojoba, lavender; sweet almond and coconut massage oil.

Decide on the technique to use

When going for perfection with erotic massages, it is good to understand that you are not limited to using your hands and can employ tools like the hot stone – whatever works for you and your partner. Also, the techniques employed will depend on the expected sensation and what is pleasing to you and your partner. Techniques range from kneading to fanning, stripping, deep tissue massage, etc. It is noteworthy that when using any technique, it is better to start from behind to the front as it helps your partner get relaxed. A sexual massage helps to bring romance back in your life.

Communicate with your partner during the process

Remember that your partner is central to the process and pleasing yourself while pleasing them is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. You need to make sure that your choice of lubricant suits your partner’s skin. You should also use every part of your body other than your mouth to find out what your partner enjoys and which spots stimulate them. Lock eyes with your partner from time to time, even before you lay your hands on them. This can serve as a stimulator and shows them that you are aware of them. The aim of the perfect erotic massage is not just orgasm, but to please your partner.

Ireland Baldwin Pokies in a Pink Tee!

Ireland Baldwin

Candids of Ireland Baldwin showing pokies in a pink tee while out shopping in LA! View the pictures

More Kelly Gale See Through on Instagram!

Chelsea Handler Flashes Boobs!

Chelsea Handler

GIF and caps of Chelsea Handler flashing her boobs on Instagram again!

View the GIF + pictures (Via GCeleb)

Eugenie Bouchard Working Out at the Beach!

Sexy candids of Eugenie Bouchard doing squats and stuff at the beach!

View the pictures (Via Drunken Stepfather)

Great Nudes by Igor!

Nude Models

Terrific nudes by photographer Igor Kupriianov! I was going to pick a favourite but they are all good!

View the pictures (Via Alrincon)

Isabeli Fontana No Panty (?) Upskirt in Cannes!

Isabeli Fontana

Nice upskirt moment of Isabeli Fontana posing at the Cannes Film Festival and it sure looks like she’s going bare down there! View the pictures

Paris Jackson Nip Slip on Instagram GIF!

Katharine McPhee Camel Toe in Jeans!

Katharine McPhee

Candids of Katharine McPhee with a nice camel toe sitting in a pair of jeans while out and about!

View the pictures (Via Taxi Driver)