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Mr. Skin’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2016!

The list is out!! The top 10 nude scenes of 2016 by Mr. Skin! I haven’t seen all of these to be honest but judging from the ones I HAVE seen, it was kind of a weak year for nudity in movies, right?

10.Michelle Derstine, body double for Melissa Rausch in The Bronze
9.Ashley Greene in Rogue
8.Eline Powell in Game of Thrones
7.Jodi Balfour in Quarry
6.Vail Bloom in Too Late
5.Olivia Wilde in Vinyl
4.Riley Keogh in Girlfriend Experience
3.Yvonne Strahovski in Manhattan Night
2.Malin Akerman and Kate Micucci in Easy
1. – Various actresses in Westworld orgy scene

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Reasons You Should Watch the Baywatch Trailer!

The Baywatch movie looks like it will be pretty bad but still, check out the trailer because it has Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rorbach, Charlotte McKinney among others in bikinis!

View the video (Via Thrill Blender)

Monica Bellucci Topless in Mozart in the Jungle!

Monica Bellucci is in her 50s now and still smoking hot!! Here is a brand new topless sex scene she did for Mozart in the Jungle!

View the clip (Via Fleshbot)

Better View of Halle Berry’s Sex Scene from Monster’s Ball!

If you thought Halle Berry’s sex scene from Monster’s Ball was hot… wait until you see this close up GIF from a zoomed in mirror in the scene. Wow!

View the pictures + GIF (Via Booty Source)

Halle Berry Time-Lapse Compilation!

Great video going over the movie career of Halle Berry! She’s been sexy the whole time.

View the video (Via Taste Like Pizza)

Dominique Perry Nude Sex Scene from Insecure!

Fantastic sex scene from HBO’s Insecure of Dominique Perry getting drilled from behind!

View the pictures (Via Booty Source)

Shailene Woodley Topless in Snowden!

Caps of Shailene Woodley topless in Snowden! Am I the only surprised that a movie about Snowden has boobs in it? Might have to check it out now.

View the pictures (Via Nudography)

Callie Hernandez Topless in Graves!

Caps of actress Callie Hernandez topless in a sex scene from Graves!

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Tessa Thompson and Thandie Newton got Naked on Westworld!

Thandie Newton

On the last episode of Westworld we got another great full frontal scene with Thandie Newton and we also got to see the bare ass of Tessa Thompson who is a recent addition to the show! Good stuff and I like the show but I feel like it needs to ramp up a little.

Photos via Imgbox:

Tessa Thompson:
Tessa Thompson Tessa Thompson Tessa Thompson

Thandie Newton:
Thandie Newton Thandie Newton Thandie Newton Thandie Newton Thandie Newton Thandie Newton

Talulah Riley has Her Boob Grabbed in The Liability!

Caps from The Liability of Talulah Riley having her boob grabbed. She’s not topless but can definitely see pokies.

View the pictures (Via Nudography)

Scarlett Johansson is Sexy in the Ghost In The Shell Trailer!

Have no idea what Ghost in the Shell is but Scarlett Johansson is looking mighty sexy in the trailer! That body suit… wow!

View the video (Via DListed)

Ana de Armas Topless in Hands of Stone!

Clip from Hands of Stone of Ana de Armas topless in a sex scene!

View the clip (Via Celeb Jihad)

Lizzy Caplan Topless in Masters of Sex!

Lizzy Caplan

I believe this scene is from not the most recent episode of Masters of Sex but the one before that. ANYWAY, here’s a topless Lizzy Caplan having sex in it! She always had great boobs.

Photos via Imgbox:

Lizzy Caplan Lizzy Caplan Lizzy Caplan Lizzy Caplan Lizzy Caplan Lizzy Caplan Lizzy Caplan Lizzy Caplan Lizzy Caplan

Top 10 Sexiest Horror Movies!

Video compilation of the top 10 sexiest horror movies! Add them to your Netflix queue today.

View the video (Via Taste Like Pizza)

Supergirl Actresses who’s Appeared Nude!

Here are actresses who stars on Supergirl and who also has a naked past!

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Kaley Cuoco in Bondage Lingerie from The Big Bang Theory!

Clip from The Big Bang Theory of Kaley Cuoco dressed up in sexy lingerie while pretending to be a femdom! I’d let her spank me.

View the clip (Via Celeb Jihad)

Emmy Rossum Topless Sex Scene from Shameless!

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum bared her boobs once again on the latest episode of Shameless! Nice as always. Not quite enough for me to get back into the show though.

Photos via Imgbox:

Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum

Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton Nude in the Last Episode of Westworld!

Thandie Newton

Last Sunday’s episode of Westworld provded us with some nice Evan Rachel Wood ass shots and a glimpse of her boobs, AND another great Thandie Newton nude scene. There was also an orgy happening with a lot of non famous actors.

Photos via Imgbox:

Westworld Westworld Westworld Westworld

Westworld Westworld Westworld Westworld Westworld Westworld Westworld

Nudity Report from Supergirl!

Which actresses who currently stars on Supergirl has previously appeared nude? Check the report and find out.

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The Top 10 Hottest Scream Queens!

It’s almost Halloween so Fleshbot put together of the top 10 hottest scream queens!! Who is #1? Click the link and find out.

View the list (Via Fleshbot)

Valerie Kaprisky Full Frontal in La Femme Publique!

Caps of French actress Valerie Kaprisky nude in 80’s movie La Femme Publique!

View the pictures (Via Nudography)

Rae Dawn Chong Topless in Fear City!

Ever since Commando I always had a thing for Rae Dawn Chong so I definitely appreciate these caps of Rae topless in Fear City!

View the pictures (Via Nudography)

Rosario Dawson Nude in Trance!

Fantastic caps of Rosario Dawson nude in Trance! Has a pussy ever been so visible in a mainstream film?

View the pictures (Via Booty Source)

Samantha Mathis Topless in Pump Up the Volume!

Caps of Samantha Mathis topless in 90’s movie Pump Up the Volume!

View the pictures (Via Nudography)

Tania Raymonde Topless in Goliath!

Clip from Amazon show Goliath of Tania Raymonde getting fucked in the dark!

View the clip (Via Fleshbot)

Melanie Griffith Topless in Fear City!

Great caps of a topless Melanie Griffith putting on a hot strip show from 80’s movie Fear City!

View the pictures (Via Nudography)

Emma Roberts in Bra and Panties from Nerve!

Clip from the movie Nerve of Emma Roberts stripping down to bra and panties!

View the video (Via Celeb Jihad)

Jena Malone Nude in The Neon Demon!

A couple of clips of Jena Malone nude in The Neon Demon!

View the clips (Via Fleshbot)

Courtney Eaton in Gods of Egypt!

Gods of Egypt was a bad movie but one redeeming factor is Courtney Eaton and her yummy cleavage! Here’s a compilation of her boobiest moments from the film.

View the video (Via Boobie Blog)

Thandie Newton Nude in Westworld!

Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton plays a sexy robot in HBO’s Westworld, and she has a terrific nude scene in the latest episode! They kept her body hidden for the most part, but there were plenty of glimpses of her boobs, ass and one full frontal shot!

I’ve been enjoying this show quite a bit so far and all the nudity is obviously a nice bonus.

Photos via Imgbox:

Thandie Newton Thandie Newton Thandie Newton Thandie Newton Thandie Newton Thandie Newton Thandie Newton Thandie Newton Thandie Newton