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Khloe Kardashian’s Naked Late Night Pool Dip!

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Khloe Kardashian

Here’s the rest of that photoshoot of Khloe Kardashian naked and covered in glitter by the pool! I posted the ass shot before but there is plenty more to see here like an areola in pic #2 and the basically topless #7 shot!

Photos via Imagevenue:


  • Scott collins
    31 Dec 2015 | Permalink |

    Holy hell has “cong” lost her mind. Yes that her name ” Kong”, I gave her that name cause her face and body looks like King Kong. I will say this, she tries so hard, but the other 4 sisters range from smoking hot to pretty. She is again kongs sister. Lastly can you really take any of these girls looks for real. I mean you give me any average looking girl and a endless budget for hair wax makeup and a good tan and they will be pretty hot. Now you give money for fake nose ass boobs lips etc etc, sorry if I forgot anything, again these girls are 50 percent fake, so any girl would be hot. In closing I have thing to add ” ass crack”. Conga ass crack is like 15 inches long , just further proof she is part ape and part man..

  • Kellen
    2 Jan 2016 | Permalink |

    Look at Pic 2 and tell me that you didn’t think it was a pic of Chyna. Still, people are swayed by the media, and the media says she’s hot, which is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Gaz
    3 Jan 2016 | Permalink |

    God she is ugly

  • Ricky
    3 Jan 2016 | Permalink |

    Well she is know as the ugly Kardashian
    She kills my erection

  • Aron
    3 Jan 2016 | Permalink |

    You couldn’t pay me to fuck her
    She is dog ugly like Bigfoot

  • Not Steve
    4 Jan 2016 | Permalink |

    Oh no, free nudity that I dont have to look at. But I’m going to anyway and complain about it

  • Mark
    27 Jan 2016 | Permalink |

    Look guys we got a gay fanboy on our hands lol
    Piss off not Steve she’s ugly as hell that simple

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