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Leaks are Coming! Maybe!? Allegedly!

4Chan hackers has released a bunch of preview of celebrity leaks that are coming! Here’s what they have revealed so far:

Julianne Hough

Demi Moore

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Jennifer Lawrence

Lena Dunham

Taylow Swift

Hayley Atwell

Kate Beckinsale

Lily Mo Sheen

Ariel Winter

Top Tips for Buying Sex Toys on The Internet

The market for sex toys is growing. Nevertheless, the more alternatives accessible in the industry, the more difficult it is to pick among them. After all, they are more personal than any other thing you may purchase. And they are deserving of a lot more attention. Here are the top four suggestions for buying sex toys online, based on your experiences.

Choose Items That Are Appropriate for Your Body Type
Sex toys are pretty personal to many people. As a result, it needs more caution and thought before purchasing sites such as One of the most critical elements is the material utilized. Though silicon is the most common material used in high-end sex toys, it is not for everyone. Some materials got designed to be safe for the body and to feel elegant when touched. However, some people detest these materials because they are inflexible. They called such materials “less appropriate fits,” referring to masturbators and penetrative vibrators in particular.
Sex toys aren’t “one-size-fits-all” in terms of fit. Your sexual organs are also distinct from the rest of your body. As a result, different sex toys provide other people different feelings. Even highly-rated items may not be suitable for you in the end. We recommend experimenting with various goods and materials to discover the one that best matches your body type.

At First, Refrain from Going Too Far
Purchasing the costliest sex toy does not guarantee that you will like it. You may also have a different perspective on sex toys. If you prefer non-penetrative alternatives, they will also offer. Most people think of dildos when they think about women’s gear. However, there is a broad selection of more miniature inconspicuous toys available. Everyone has a limit to how many of these extras they will accept. Place no stress on yourself to accomplish anything. Make every move slowly. You’ll gradually grow to enjoy toys and seek out additional alternatives.

Before You Purchase, Have A Conversation
If you want to use Sexy sex toys to boost your encounter with your spouse, it’s essential to talk to them first. It’s never a good idea to bring out a sex toy at any point throughout the intimate procedure. It might be a pleasant surprise or a less humiliating method to utilize a sex toy. Toys, on the other hand, frequently cause your spouse to be dissatisfied.
The importance of communication throughout the process cannot be underrated. Before you go out and buy toys, talk to your spouse. Support them to believe in themselves. It’s not that they can’t provide you with sexual satisfaction. You want to infuse more excitement into your relationship. It should also be enjoyable for both parties.

Purchase From Reliable Sites
The number of websites where you can buy sex toys online is growing all the time. Because there are so many vendors, the quality fluctuates. There are several excellent vendors. However, some sellers are not up to pace. Nowadays, avoiding fraudulent items is nearly impossible. However, you may always go with people who have been licensed and authorized by authorities.
You can purchase almost anything online these days, and sex toys are no exception. With the aforementioned helpful hints, you’ll be able to locate the perfect sex toy for you on sites like

TV Nudity Report: I Know What You Did Last Summer, Amongst Men, Hightown and More!

TV Nudity
Not as many shows, but each show offering multiple nude scenes in this week’s TV nudity report. Lets start with topless scenes in I Know What You Did Last Summer, more topless scenes in Amongst Men, topless strippers in Hightown and finally Katee Sackhoff showing bare ass in Another Life!
View the pictures (Via Mr Skin Blog)