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Demi Moore Nude in Penthouse 1981

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Demi Moore

Did you know that Demi Moore had a nude spread in Penthouse Spain? I sure didn’t! These pics are from the March 1981 issue and Demi is looking very nice. A bit bushy but that’s how they rolled back then.

High-res via Imagevenue:

  • kman

    that is some deep pile shag carpet

  • I so hope Demi is shaving her pussy these days.

  • Hugo

    If this is Demi Moore why is the name on the pictorial Vivianne Pollentier?

  • Niklas

    Its just a made up name. Most girls who pose nude use an alias. Its well known that Demi posed nude for European magazines before she became famous.

  • kman

    you can almost smell the tang of that poon from the pictures alone

  • bob

    for some reason I thought the magazine was oui not penthouse

  • kman

    looks like it was originally for Oui in america and then Phouse Spain bought the pics for European release

  • nedmorlef

    Now that’s a woman. Love that bush. I saw this when ,it first came out. I was married to her twin sister at the time. Woman was a work of art naked. This looks as juicy today as then. I love ya Demi. Divorce that loser and call me. I’ll sign a prenup in a heartbeat.

  • Duh

    That’s a furby. Idoits.