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Miley Cyrus NUDE in Wrecking Ball Video

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I guess that hot promo photo of Miley Cyrus in a tank top on a wrecking ball was just a soft preview of her new video because in the actual video she is completely NUDE!

Miley Cyrus


  • Kellen

    I don’t find her even the least bit attractive, and yet, with the sound off, the part with her swinging in slow motion on the wrecking ball is still fairly hot.

  • John

    she really isn’t that far off from having a sex tape or something with a lot of this stuff.. Her actions style of dress etc all point to her having some serious issues…

  • Jim

    As long as she’s willing to keep her chest the way it is, she’ll stay hot. Her whole body matches now. That’s what makes her so appealing. If she pulls a Taylor Swift, she’ll loose that draw.