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Nipply Outtakes of NUDE Cindy Crawford from W Magazine!

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Cindy Crawford

Outtakes from Cindy Crawford’s 2013 NUDE shoot for W magazine has leaked online! She was covered in the magazine pics but her nips are clearly visible here. The outtakes have also not been photoshopped so, you get to see Cindy’s flaws in all their glory. She must be pissed considering she sells a beauty cream that’s supposed to make you look younger. She’s still a hot MILF but lets not pretend she looks the same as she did when she was 35.

High-res via Imagevenue:

Here’s a before and after Photoshop pic. The black and white is what they used in the mag:

  • fuzzybear

    Well this shows you how much the mags lie.Also is that what she looks like with makeup?

  • Bink

    Damn. Ass is half the size and twice as round in the altered picture and they also made her look 20 years younger.

  • David

    What a milf! This is what i love! 😀

  • mark

    hey it looks like a scar below her nipple in the pic where shes on her back… i always thought she didnt have implants but i guess she does…!!! think she would have gotten that hair zapped from her nipples at the same time. lol

  • MikeNYC

    I hate to admit this, but I think she looks SO much better in the ‘before’ pic. She looks completely fake in the photoshopped pic.

  • Sue

    She is hotter in the natural pictures. You can tell she is shopped and faked up in the BW. Also shows how much they cake on her when she does tv shows. She is a smoking hot milf.

  • Jerry

    I think she is still sexy and in better condition than many 20-30 aged one bitch

  • Richard

    I’ve got to be honest. She’s almost 50 and for her age, I think she looks good. She looks better than most of the women I know who are half her age. They’re pigs compared to her.

  • roy tjahja

    I liked picture cindy naked nipple good w magazine