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Stars on nipples are for the weak

Jennifer Lawrence Braless Pokies in NYC!

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Jennifer Lawrence

Candids of a braless Jennifer Lawrence arriving in NYC! Looks like she’s smuggling pokies.. TSA agent must inspect further…

High-res via Imagevenue:

  • Job

    Does this really matter at all after the Fappening photos? lol

  • David

    Sofia Vergara just posten a picture on instagram were she ‘s showing her nipple!

  • Bob

    What is so funny to me is that she was all broken up over the fappening but seems she feels fine enough to walk around with no bra and her rock hard nips poking out LOL

  • DK

    OMG! I can’t believe someone stole all those sexy pics from my cel phone. I think that should be considered a sex crime. I’m so devastated. Oh btw, I’m not wearing a bra today, so DON’T LOOK AT MY TITS!

  • scourgeofgod

    Whether she walks around in public braless is her choice. Having the photos stolen is not her choice. Her body, she gets to display it how she likes. Can you really not see the difference?