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Elizabeth Berkley Vagina from Showgirls

Elizabeth Berkley vagina

Elizabeth Berkley is nude-a-plenty in the terrible but awesome classic Showgirls. Here is a fantastic vagina upskirt shot that you will NOT be able to see on the DVD or Blu-ray due to some wonky ratio aspect reasons I won’t bother getting into. Good thing there is the internet huh!

Elizabeth Berkley vagina

To view an animated GIF of the vagina (highly recommended) – Click here
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  • Jordan

    Great movie! At least in terms of all the nudity.

  • kellen

    I remember going to the theatre to see Showgirls. It was a bunch of guys from my dorm that all went, and I had an erection for nearly the entire movie and didn’t feel weird about it in the least.

    Terrible movie, but damn was it hot.

  • ZC

    I don’t see any vagina.

    I do see vulva.

    If you don’t know the difference, you shouldn’t be messing around with girls yet, son.

  • FilmFan

    She’s a dirty, dirty girl. World Class muff diver I’m betting. And can swallow 12″ to the root.

  • Zorro

    It looks like it wants to swallow something

  • Bob

    ZC are you fucking retarded the vulva is a part of a VAGINA as are the labia and clitoris they are all parts of that thing between a woman’s legs known as ….wait for it …..a VAGINA so in your attempt to look smart you come off stupid so maybe you shouldn’t be messing with girls yet dumbass