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Kendra Wilkinson Posing Nude

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Kendra Wilkinson nude

Some old photos of a nude Kendra Wilkinson was recently released!! These are from 2003 I believe and they were taken just after she had her boob job. A naked Kendra is always nice I don’t know how exciting this is considering you can see her bang over here.

  • kellen

    SO much hotter before the ugly, inflated implants. Why do women do this to themselves?

  • Wendel

    Why do young GIRLS do this to themselves?
    And why do they think bigger is better?
    And why can’t they invent implants that do not look like cut volleyballs strapped to her chest?

  • I think she looks better in lingerie.

  • J. Public

    Why do people bash implants? I think she looks way hotter now with a nice full rack!

  • BDH

    I would bang her and her big boobs! She’s so fucking hot.. I wouldn’t mind for her to sit on my dick and ride me till we both cam!!
    Gosh she’s fuckable as are her tits.