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Chelsea Handler Topless in the Street!

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No idea where this is from but here’s Chelsea Handler walking the street completely topless! Sure, why not?

Chelsea Handler Topless

Chelsea Handler Topless

Chelsea Handler Topless

Chelsea Handler Topless

  • J

    Man, she is pathetic.

  • Garry c

    God she’s ugly
    Look at that botched tit job

  • Rick

    Your a hundred put em away you old hag
    I’m gonna lose my lunch
    She’s pathetic I mean an utter attention seeking bitch

  • Her light is dimming….pussy and-or sex tape coming up soon.

  • Firebringer

    Well, I would! Twice. With just enough time to shake it off before putting it back in.

  • Rob

    She’s walking by the Twitter Offices since they won’t let her show her tits on Twitter….

  • Ticki

    Chelsea is a bone killer. Too old to fuck.

  • JoeBlack

    Her pussy is probably a “mess” after pounding from Fitty Cent.

  • tim high

    C’mon Chelsea, make history. Let’s see your asshole