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Sofia Rudieva – Miss Russia 2009 Scandal

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Whats with all the beauty queen scandals? It seems every time some hottie becomes a miss whatever there is a nude scandal that follows. This time its miss Russia Sofia Rudieva who did a topless shoot for Perfect 10 after she won the title.

Its still unclear if she will lose her title or not but personally, I think this should be encouraged rather than frowned upon.

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Miss Russia

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  • MrD666

    Everyone needs to make additional money during these times. These pageants are based on “showing there bodies off” to some degree, so its just a natural thing to progress into nude modeling. Shes not doing pornography so I see no problem with it. And furthermore whats the big deal with the naked body? Its awesome… it should be shown.

  • Jordan

    I agree. She should be encouraged!

  • ewwww

    nice rack.

  • BoobieGuy

    She’s almost a little… too skinny for me. I mean, she does have an awesome rack, and a nice behind, but the RIBS. THE RIBS. D: