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Miley Cyrus Nude in Plastik Magazine (2015)!

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Miley Cyrus

I’ve been sitting on these for more than a year because I couldn’t find any quality versions of them… until today!! Here are finally some decent quality shots of Miley Cyrus posing nude in Plastik magazine! Weird but awesome.

Photos via Imgbox:

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  • Joe

    Why can’t this stupid bitch pull an Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston and just kill herself already. She’s a useless fucking whore that offers nothing of good to mankind. It’s to the point already she needs to keep her clothes on. Yes it was a thrill when she first showed her tits, since then it’s been all down hill and she is nothing but a gutter slut now.

  • dicktater

    Sorry Joe – don’t agree. She’s the hottest of the stupid no talent pop hookers. I’m hoping she does an IR gangbang before she takers her olive oil bath ride to hell.

  • JoJoWhyte

    What a f*ck-tard. The kid from the Huger Games must be proud ……..or just insane!

  • chris

    Why don’t you kill yourself, Joe? Then you’d never have to see her again

  • Joe

    Chris must be a loser jacking off in his parents basement. You fucking loser, she’s a complete embarrassment, nothing but a shameful example of the pathetic losers and useless fucking youth in this nation now. Hell of an example for young women she sets, being a useless talentless whore which pedophiles like you were wacking to you sick fuck. Fuck you and drop dead pedophile

  • NadaZilch

    There is way too much anger in these comments for a couple of tit pics.

  • Snax

    So much love going around here. /group hug

  • kill joe

    joe is a retard that gets false confidence now that the troll extraordinaire somehow has the highest office in the land.

    Worthless dumbfucks like you will be the first to go once the hate filled sweet potato institutes the purge.

  • CaptainButthurt

    Wow i thought i was on celebjihad’s comment section for a second

  • irocguns

    Well my opinion of miley cyrus is she is one of those chicks who does anything you want her to if you can convince her its for the art of it. pose nude? suck a strapon? yes, seems legit. She’s probably a ball to hang out with as long as politics don’t come up and I’d certainly entertain a physical relationship were I still single. Anyway, don’t be so hard on her – she’s a hollywood kid.

  • Jason

    Males like Joe are a Joke. To claim a young girl should kill herself because she gets naked and he doesn’t like her perfectly toned body or pretty face, he is trying to impress older males. He clearly doesn’t have a father so he seeks approval by being cruel over women on line…probably cause he’s never been close enough to a real woman to be cruel. All I can say is, men, grown men never talk about women that way. Especially ones that are younger than them so this is a child who thinks his mother (who is probably dead…I hope she is…just like he hope Miley is dead, I kinda hope Joes mom is dead otherwise she gets to find out she raised a piece of shit who hates women instead of deos what normal healthy men do, worship them. Joe is either a very angry closeted homosexula who would feel better about himself if he were just honest and found where he was accepted or learn that men do not put women down. It’s something we used to call chivalry and cooth, but now it’s just called being a man.

  • Marco

    Ewwww she’s gross. Do not want.