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Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde Topless in The Change-Up (Or are they?)

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Actress and comedy guru Judd Apatow’s wife Leslie Mann appears to be topless in recently released comedy The Change-Up but is she really baring her top? In an interview with Access Hollywood the actress admitted that her exposed boobs were actually an enhanced prosthetic and not the real deal.

Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann

It’s also been reported that Olivia Wilde was wearing pasties during her sex scene in the same movie with Ryan Reynolds and that nipples were added afterwards with CGI. This is what she said on Jimmy Kimmel: “I wasn’t actually naked but now appear to be naked because… in that scene Ryan Reynolds is supposed to be covering them (with his body) and he moved and so the pasties were in the movie and so they had to paint in nipples using CGI.”

What do you think of this trend that actresses choose to cover up during the shoot and the nudity is added afterwards via computers? This might be one of the dark-sides to movie special effects getting more and more realistic. Will the days of actresses dropping their clothes on the big screen be a think of the past?

On a lighter side, we get to see actresses who might not be willing to show skin do so via CGI. It’s like having the best Photoshop people creating fake nudes. Not as satisfying as the real thing but it does the trick.

  • Heisenberg

    Ill bet they’re lying and those are really their boobs. Just dont want to admit to it.