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More Nude Pics of Olivia Munn!

Olivia Munn

More of the alleged nude photos of Olivia Munn! I think these are REAL!

High-res via Imagevenue:

  • dark_gothik

    Call me when they get morgan webb instead of thsi skank

  • buzz

    There’s 3 different girls there, the last one is definitely Olivia, but the others are clearly not her. On her left hand she wears a band on her middle finger not her ring finger, and she has a tight bellybutton not wide open like the others.

  • Zski

    Good work Buzz, very perceptive.

  • GhOsT

    Except for the fact that there’s other pictures on the net of her wearing no rings, middle ring, or gold rings on her ring finger so that doesn’t exactly exclude these due to that reasoning.

    Not saying either way but you can find plenty of photos with her wearing different ring combos similar to these photos. Can also find other pics of that bathroom.